Nearly a century ago, we had a lot of Adams Family relations in the Macintyre River area on the border between NSW and Queensland, especially around Boggabilla and Goondiwindi. Before that they lived in a few places up north, including Boomi. Although many of our Adams family have since scattered south and north – there are still quite a few  in Goondiwindi.

I always wondered what Boggabilla meant – one story has that it comes from the Gamilaraay “bagaaybila” ie literally “full of creeks”.

Family Tree details of the earlier generations of the Adams family of the Macintyre can be found here – later generations are incomplete in this listing – however if required they may be available on request    or to suggestion corrections or additions   – please email to kcact@tpg.com.au .

Our branch of the Adams family descends from Arthur James Adams, eldest son of Charles Adams and his former wife, Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone who were married in Grafton in 1867. Charles is believed to have been born in America in 1841 however there are no details located as yet.

Of the 4 children born to Charles and Anne (Nancy) Adams, three survived-  all were born in the Grafton area  : Letitia J Adams (named for her Irish maternal grandmother Letitia Weatherstone nee Dougherty), Arthur James Adams and Charles William Adams – note Alfred Clarence Adams was in fact the son of Anne Nancy Weatherstone and William Burrows ( more information here ).

Arthur James Adams is seen in the photo (circa 1919) below with wife Matilda (nee Waters), and 9 of their 10 children, as well as their three eldest grandchildren –  note one of their children, Lily (Lillian Florence Kellett), had died in childbirth in 1916.

The Adams Family of Arthur James and Matilda Adams

The Adams Family of Arthur James and Matilda Adamss

Below is a photograph (circa 1914-15) of Matilda Adams nee Waters (in long dark dress) with seven of her children & her eldest grandchild – the older man at the left of the photograph is possibly her father Charles Waters. The woman to the left of Matilda is unknown.

Matilda Adams and family

Matilda Adams and family

Recently I was contacted by Alicia, a descendant of Matilda Adams nee Waters’ brother, Charles Waters Jnr and his wife Agnes Sweetman. Alica has been looking into the Waters Family history and must have spotted our Macintyre Adams Family web page  – and hopefully we can share photos, information and stories. In the meantime click here for more information on the Waters side of our Macintyre Adams Family. And below is a photograph of Matilda’s brother Charles Waters Jnr on his wedding day in 1896. Thank you to the Williams descendants of Charles Waters Jnr for sharing !

Matilda's brother Charles Waters and Agnes Sweetman - on their Wedding Day - beautiful !

Matilda’s brother Charles Waters  Jnr and Agnes Sweetman – on their Wedding Day in 1896 – beautiful !

More information on the Adams Family of the Macintyre can be found here – this is “a work in progress”. Other families that the Adams Family are inter-connected with our family include Weatherstone – Dougherty, Waters, Fleming, Green, Kellett, Makim, Barden,  Maunder and McCosker – and of course many more.


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  1. Narelle Spinks says:

    Hi Kerrie, my name is Narelle Jenine Spinks nee Waters. My Great Grandfather was Charles Waters Jnr, who marries Agnes Victoria Sweetman. Charles and Agnes’s son Walter Charles was my grandfather. He did marry Lila Nellie May Molloy and they had 12 children, one of them being my father Ken Waters. My father is number 10 of 12 and is an identical twin to his brother Keith (dec.) Dad has 3 remaining siblings that are alive. Apparently Lila had a daughter, Glen ( known as Toppy.dec) when she married Walter, then they had Bertha (known as Biddy.dec) Pearson, Nola ( known as Tilly.dec)Amiet, Norma Pearson dec, Therese (known as Tess.dec) Weber, Jessica, ( known as Jessie.dec) Edgar, Leslie Walter (Known as Poddy), Ken, Keith dec, Charles Donald (Known as Donny.dec) and Ruth Maguire (known as Ruth Waters-divorced) I have many cousins, to many to list and quite frankly I don’t know all of them. Your records are really helpful and I love the photos. I have seen a couple on the facebook page “Collarenebri lovers not knockers” I knew I would have to be related to them as one of Matildas sons was identical to my Uncle Donny. (back left hand side of the family portrait. I have always wondered about the family’s aboriginal heritage it is quite evident is some of my generation of cousins. Dad was born in Collarenebri, raised and educated in Walgett. Moved to Sydney after joining the NSW Police Force, he and my mother still live in Cronulla. My sister Vicki Kenyon lives in Dubbo and my sister Nicole Maher and I both live near Mudgee. We frequently visited the Walgett, Goodooga areas as children to visit relatives, I worked in Walgett 1999 to 2001 as the first female police sergeant in the town and most recently went to Walgett Cemetery to intern Uncle Donny’s ashes in Walter and Lila’s grave I will follow your blog to keep abreast of any more news.

  2. hi Narelle – thanks for the information – we seem to have had quite a few police across the Waters family tree.

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