A Visit to the Boggabilla Cemetery – September 2013

On our way back from Cape York in 2013 we visited Dad’s cousin Doug Adams and his wife Carol – it was really nice to meet family members last seen years ago.

We also visited the Boggabilla Cemetery where some of the Adams Family and other Boggabilla Families were laid to rest – mostly they’ve used Goondiwindi Cemetery over the last few decades.

Boggabilla Cemetery is really quite old, and one of the earliest mentions of the Cemetery is in 1895 – when Trustees for the Roman Catholic section were announced in the NSW Government Gazette. This was in turn, nearly 30 years after an early mention of the Boggabilla Inn in 1868, and 50 years after one of the earliest mentions of Boggabilla itself – in newspapers in 1848.

We expected to find the graves of Arthur James Adams and wife Matilda nee Waters – and possibly Matilda’s father Charles Waters – and their son Ted (aka Frederick John) Adams  – however that was not to be – although they now have virtual memorials on Find A Grave – ArthurMatildaCharles – Ted.

However we did spend time at the grave of my grandmother Mary Adams (see FindaGrave entry), as well as those of her brother Les Adams and his wife Vera in the more modern lawn cemetery section.

There seemed to be a lot of space at the Cemetery – until Dad’s cousin Jocelyn told us how her brother Clarrie (son of Les & Vera Adams) had gone out trying to find where the Adams Family graves were. Jocelyn’s daughter Penny had also told us that there had been a rabbit problem at the Boggabilla Cemetery which did lots of undermining. It seems there used to be iron marker posts for the individual graves but these had disappeared, then stones had been placed over the grave area – and so Arthur, Matilda and Charles now lie in unmarked graves. At Goondiwindi Cemetery there is a memorial wall for those in the unmarked graves – but not so at Boggabilla Cemetery.

Other Boggabilla family graves included members of my McCosker and Barden- Macnamara Families.

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We also found graves with names mentioned by the family – Pollocks, Summons,  Newlands and Tyter – some but not all may be connected to Adams Family members.

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And in 1989  the Goondiwindi Historical Society did publish an Index of Local Burials which included Boggabilla Cemetery – however it may not cover unmarked graves, unless records from the local churches were included. The Index  can be found at the following libraries : Newcastle, National Library of Australia, NSW State Library, Victorian State Library, University of Queensland and University of New England. There also appears to be a  2002 edition which is available at Toowoomba Library. Microfilms of an incomplete range of St Albans Boggabilla Church Records from 1912-2001, were done as a Centenary of Federation Project, and  are held at the National Library of Australia and NSW State Library.

The Boggabilla Cemetery seems to have been maintained by the local authorities – certainly more so than some bigger one’s in NSW eg Gore Hill in Sydney which has many old pioneer graves as well.


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