Cousins Uncles Aunties – Memories and Stories from the Macintyre

There seems to be quite a few stories from up around Boggabilla and Goondiwindi which sometimes get shared at family gatherings or during long family phone chats.  Of days long gone by and some more recent ones too.

I’ve heard a few stories and memories from my Adams and Barden relatives. Some can be shared and some best not shared over the Net… some were Station Owners, Station Hands, Shearers, Shearers’ Cooks, Stockmen, Drovers, Horse breakers, Pub Owners, Butchers, Stock and Station Agents, Teachers etc etc.

And recently the Barden cousins shared how John McCosker has set up this wonderful McCosker Family in Australia Tribal Page –  which has 10,000 names and still growing. The  McCosker Family in Australia Tribal Page is well worth a look to see all those old northern family names – and also see if you can spot some family connections and maybe the odd gap. It includes : 

McCosker‘s (of course), Barden’s, Power’s, Makim’s, Brasen‘s, Brook’s, Maunder’s, Waters‘s  and some Adams’s too. 

But for the first story  ….. Grandfather Arthur James Adams – a Shearer and Shearer’s cook 

The Adams Family

The Adams Family of Arthur James and Matilda Adams


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