Irish Women in the Australian Colonies

Our Adams-Weatherstone family is descended from Bridget Weatherstone nee Doherty  of Ireland, and likewise the Barden-McCosker descendants of Jane Power nee Byrne and Ellen McCusker nee McAlinna also have Irish heritage.

Although Bridget, Jane and Ellen arrived as assisted immigrants from Ireland, rather than transported as convicts, it is still interesting to reflect on the difficult conditions of Ireland in the 19th Century years, that led to them emigrating to the Colonies.

Did you know you can watch the Irish documentary series on Irish Women Convicts transported to Australia on your computer for the next 3 weeks ? And did you know half of the 25,000 ++ Female convicts transported to Australia were Irish ?

Plus the series covers Orphan Girls sent from workhouses under the Earl Grey Scheme between 1848 and 1850, as well as ‘free’ colonists.

More information from the Irish Genealogy Newsletter

But be quick it will not be available on-line indefinitely !

To start watching the series – click here 


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