For nearly a century, our Adams family have been in the Macintyre River area on the border between NSW and Queensland, especially around Goondiwindi – and in the past Boggabilla as well. In September 2013, Ross Adams‘ daughter Kerrie, & her husband David Christian, stayed with Ross‘s cousins Doug &  Carol Adams at Goondiwindi. Other cousins Lenore and husband Jim came over and a whole lot of stories and photos were shared – some of those photos are below – a big thank you to the Goondiwindi Adams cousins !

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Family Tree details of the earlier generations of the Adams family of the Macintyre can be found here – later generations are incomplete in this listing – however if required they may be available on request –  or if you have corrections and additions then please email to .

Above – a lot of signs for a small town like Boggabilla !

Our Macintyre branch of the Adams Family descends from Arthur James Adams, eldest son of Charles Adams and his former wife, Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone who were married in Grafton in 1867. It is via Anne (Nancy)’s father, Samuel George Weatherstone, that the Macintyre Adams Family draws its Convict origins (refer Weatherstone-Dougherty page for more details).  Charles Adams is believed to have been born in America in 1841 however there are no details located as yet.

Of the 4 children born to Charles and Anne (Nancy) Adams, three survived-  all were born in the Grafton area  :

  • Letitia J Adams (named for her Irish maternal grandmother Letitia Weatherstone nee Dougherty),
  • Arthur James Adams and
  • Charles William Adams.

Note that another of the sons, Alfred Clarence Adams, was in fact the son of William Burrows (refer Weatherstone-Dougherty page for more details). 

Arthur James Adams married Matilda Waters (born in Eurie Eurie Station property near Walgett – Station Owners – was believed  be held and operated by the Glass Family of Singleton from the 1850’s – see page 12). Arthur and Matilda had 10 children – 4 boys and 6 girls – all surviving to adulthood. Some details of Matilda‘s family, the Waters can be found here – though it will grow – as recently descendants of Matilda’s brother, Charles Waters, have found this web site and made contact with Kerrie Anne Christian nee Adams.

Arthur James Adams is seen in the photo (circa 1919) below with wife Matilda (nee Waters), and 9 of their 10 children, as well as their three eldest grandchildren –  note one of their children, Lily, had died in childbirth in 1916. Tragically, within five years of this photo, Matilda had been fatally injured when the horse pulling her sulky bolted and she fell under the wheel – daughter Tess was also injured and in hospital for months – see Matilda’s Death Certificate. Matilda is buried in an unmarked grave at Boggabilla Cemetery, as is Arthur James Adams.

The Adams Family

The Adams Family – circa 1919

Below is a photograph of Matilda Waters with some of her children, eldest grandchild and possibly her father Charles Waters, the son of Charles Watson Waters and his wife Jane/Jean Macdonald. The photograph is believed to be dated around 1915, and Charles later died in 1916 – click here to view his death certificate. Charles is buried in an unmarked grave at Boggabilla Cemetery.

Matilda Adams and family

Matilda Adams and family

The 10 children of Arthur James Adams and wife Matilda nee Waters :

1. Mary Ethel May – had 2 children – Mabel Ray Barry and Cyril Ross Adams (son of Cyril Bernard Barden) – see photos of Mary, her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren below

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2. Lily Florence – had 2 children – Em and Francis Sydney Kellett (son of Francis Samuel Kellett)Lily Kellet

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3. Leslie Charles “Les” – had 6 children with wife Vera (nee Bell)Valma, Clarence, Betty Joy, Beryl, Marion and Jocelyn

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4. Ivy Elizabeth – had 7 children with husband Ted RichardsonLaurie, Edward, Max, Joyce, William, Doug & Ron

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5. Arthur James (Jnr) “Dick” – had 4 children with wife Venetta Choice – Athol, Glen, Barry & Lenore

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6. Letitia Maud “Tess” – raised 4 children with husband George Fleming – Brenda, Gordon, George & Kevin

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7. Dorothy Jean “Dorrie” – believed to have had 3 sons with husband James Green – Dudley Jeffrey, Hilton James and Clyde Phillip

8. Mabel Isobel “Mid” – had 5 children with husband John Bertram Tuckerman – Ilma, Alwyn, Alan, Shirley & Norma

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9. Frederick John known in the family as Edward or “Ted” – did not marry

10. William Charles “Gidgee” – raised 3 children with wife Joyce Alice Suhr – Alys Rae, Doug & Stephen

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Arthur was a shearer, like some of his sons, grandsons and husbands of  a few of his granddaughters – so the family moved around a lot in northern NSW. According to two grandchildren, Doug and Brenda, Arthur & Matilda‘s family lived in a large tent, before they finally settled at a house built for them by Doug’s father, Gidgee, in Merriwa St Boggabilla. This was believed to have been by the early 1920’s. Daughter Tess would often query her own daughter Brenda with : “Were you born in a tent ?” if Brenda ever left a door open at their Goondiwindi home – ironic as  it seems that Tess and her siblings were born in, and largely grew up in a tent !

Boggabilla is not quite the town that some of us remember – but below are a few photographs – and also there are photos from Boggabilla and Goondiwindi Cemeteries where a lot of Adams Family members were buried.

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Brenda said that when Arthur became too old to shear sheep, he became a shearers’ cook. She still has Arthur’s old recipe for biscuits from his shearers’ cook days.

Arthur was known as a hard tough man according to his grandchildren, Ross Doug and Brenda – but one who loved them. So he was loved and respected by them.


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