McCoskers and the Law – Turn of the Century – 1890 – 1912

So what happened next ? There were still a few colourful tales – some more “political” – less appearances in the local courthouses – some more cricket stories,  and respectability – stories of McCoskers in amateur theatre and music performance – even  an architect named T J McCosker in Maitland ! The period 1890 – 1912 sees the last years leading to the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the McCoskers/McCuskers in the NSW Colony on the Adam Lodge in 1837

74400309 Singleton Court House

Singleton Court House – source –

  • 1890 – Rose Hanna McCosker‘s husband former Police Sergeant Thomas William McCulkin had been considered the best mounted trooper – started out around Warwick – served 1883 –  1914  
  • 1890John McCosker charged with forgery – bail estreated ie  Estreatment is where the Crown attempts to obtain some or all of the money pledged for bail. The Crown can seek this money if the defendant has breached bail, – ie was charged with a further Fail to Comply Recognizance, Fail to Comply Undertaking while under bail conditions.
  • 1890 – Francis McCosker and Patrick McCosker were fined for cutting timber on Crown Lands without a license
  • 1890 – Sergeant McCosker of Cooktown reported the murder of four men at the Arrow Islands near Somerset (close to the tip of Cape York)
  • 1890 – Sergeant McCosker of Cooktown alleged to have assaulted a woman of notorious character – allegation dismissed
  • 1890 – Sergeant McCosker of Cooktown who was known as an efficient and painstaking officer, and who was well regarded by the local community, was the subject of official persecution
  • 1890 – Henry (Charles ?) McCosker, 18 year old groom fined for inciting a prisoner to resist the police
  • 1892 – Mrs McCosker, landlady of the Court House Hotel giving evidence in the case of an allegedly stolen promissory note.
  • 1892 – Francis McCosker fined for neglecting to furnish his annual stock returns to the Inspector
  • 1892John McCosker charged with forging and uttering at Gunnedah – found guilty – 1,
  • 1894 – Francis McCosker proceeded against Samuel Brooks for wages due
  • 1895 John McCosker, son of Bernard McCosker accused of stealing a horse at Black Jack near Gunnedah on Septermber 1, 1894  – found guilty, and as it was a second offence, he was sentenced to 14 months hard labour in Maitland Gaol
  • 1895 – Barney fined for failing to provide proper air shafts at Black Jack Coal Mine Gunnedah – prosecuted by Inspector of Mines
  • 1896 – William McCosker, proprietor of The Worker newspaper,  sued for libel – 1,
  • 1897 – Coronial inquest into the death of a miner named McCosker at Gunnedah in a roof fall – no blame allocated
  • 1897 – Owen McCosker of Copes Creek seeking relief from Government charges in regard to coal mining
  • 1899 – P B Eddy sued Owen McCosker Jnr in Inverell Court
  • 1899 – W McCosker appeared at Local Land Board in Inverell Court


    Inverell Courthouse : Source – By Cgoodwin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

  • 1899 – Owen McCosker criticised for the way he gave evidence in court
  • 1899 – Henry McCosker, Inquiry Officer for Howard Smith and sons, also former police officer, giving evidence in court in a complicated case against a police officer – 1, 2,
  • 1899 – Edwin Gladwin pursuing Frances McCosker in courts for unpaid debt
  • 1900 – Arthur McCosker charged with behaving in a riotous manner
  • 1906 – McCosker a defendant in case of The Mail against the Queensland Typographical Association
  • 1906 – Owen McCosker charged with selling liquor on a Sunday at Telegraph Hotel in Inverell – 1,
  • 1908 – Mr M A McCosker’s hotel at Black Creek exempted from Local Options Court – (ie Temperance activities seeking to close some hotels)
  • 1909 – Mr W McCosker of “The Worker” subject to a writ  by Sirdar and the Brisbane Courier – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
  • 1910 – McCosker fined for riotous behaviour in the Commerical Hotel Warialda
  • 1911 – John Makim pursued C McCosker for payment for rabbit netting fencing
  • 1912 – Harold McCosker convicted of Sly Grogging at his mother’s colonial wineshop in Branxton
  • 1912 – Fraser seeking payment for Rabbit Proof Fencing from McCosker in Inverell
  • 1912 – EO McCosker seeking an extension of time for fencing from Warialda Pastures Protection Board