Weatherstone-Dougherty Family Tree

1. Adam Weatherstone. He married Elizabeth Butts (daughter of Richard Butts and Sarah).

2. Elizabeth Weatherstone, b. 29-11-1812 in Stepney, London.

2.  Mary Weatherstone.

2. James Weatherstone, b. 13-12-1816 in Stepney, London.

2.  Samuel George Weatherstone, b. 20-03-1819 in Ratcliff, London, d. 27-02-1888 in South Grafton, buried 28-02-1888 in South Grafton. He had been sentenced to Transportation for Life 3/7/1837 at Central Criminal Courts age 19 for housebreaking. Later his occupation given was  as Stockman/farmer.  He married Letitia Dougherty, married 27-01-1849 in RC Clarence River, Grafton, b. 1825 in Daysart/Londonderry,Co Derry ,Ireland (daughter of John Docherty and Nancy), d. 24-04-1890 in Cowan St, South Grafton, buried 26-04-1890 in South Grafton Cem.  Signed agreement to be a domestic servant of John Bryan, Parramatta St, Sydney for 12 mths @ 10 pounds p.a. CofE, could read but not write. Arrived under protection of Hugh & Jane Dougherty who signed an agreement with Arthur Blaxland of “Gainimon Plains”  to work as domestic servants.

3. Adam Weatherstone, b. 11-10-1848 in ClarenceRiver, d. 11-07-1926 in Grafton.  born 11/11/1848 on brother John’s birth cert. He married Mary Ellen Phillipina Glynn, married 10-05-1876 in Grafton, d. 1938 in Grafton.

4. Adam Clarence Augustus Weatherstone, b. 1878 in Grafton.  12/1/1919 elected a brother on the Council of St Marys Holy Catholic Guild Grafton. He married Margaret Kempnich, married 1904 in Grafton, b. 1879 in Maclean, d. 14-02-1945 in Grafton.

5. Francis James Weatherstone, b. 1-02-1905 in Grafton, d. 1976.  He married Eva P Carroll, married 1930, b. c1904.  Eva: Mother may have been Edith M Carroll who married Frederick Hugh Byrnes.

5. Vincent Charles Weatherstone, b. 13-11-1909 in Grafton, d. 11-01-1983 in Grafton, occupation Baker/pasty chef.    He married Lurline Bertha  Crumpton, married 13-04-1932 in Coramba, Coffs Harbour, b. 13-07-1914 in Kempsey – d. 2004 (Note – Lurline was the daughter of Albert Sidney Crumpton and granddaughter of Benjamin Crumpton,  whose sister Mary Ann Crumpton married Richard Byrnes, grandson of First Fleeter Peter Hibbs).

6.  Kenneth Vincent Weatherstone, b. 13-09-1933 in Grafton, d. 19-09-1998 in Grafton.  Never married.

6. Colleen Joan Weatherstone, b. 12-10-1935 in Grafton. She married (1) Bruce Kerrison.  She married (2) Harold George Ross, married 18-12-1965.

6. Valmai Clare Weatherstone, b. 26-06-1941 in Grafton. She married (1) Brian Moriarty, married 1959 in Panania. She married (2) Athol Cochrane, married 24-11-1984 in Fairfield.

4. Joseph George Weatherstone, b. 1880 in Grafton, d. 1941 in Grafton.  He married Laura Amelia Phemister, married 1910 in Hurstville.

5. Joseph V Weatherstone, b. 1910 in Sydney.

5. Joseph V Weatherstone, b. 1911 in Grafton.

5. Ursula Winifred Weatherstone, b. 1913 in Grafton. She married Allan H Bishop, married 1934.

5. Maureen Glynn Weatherstone, b. 1915. She married Charles Thomas Wild, married 1939.

5. Cecilia B Weatherstone, b. 1918 in Grafton.

4. Margaret Cecily Weatherstone, b. 1882 in Grafton. She married James J Canny, married 1917 in Grafton.  James: Robert Canny?

4. Leslie Lyons Weatherstone, b. 23-11-1883 in “Ivy Cottage” Bent St, Sth Grafton, d. 11-05-1950 in South Grafton.  He married Annie J Bolton, married 1908 in Maclean.

5. Mary Weatherstone, b. 1909 in Grafton. She married Neville R Mackie, married 1929.

6. Richard Mackie.

5.  Josephine Weatherstone, b. 1915 in Grafton.

5. Annie Weatherstone, b. 1920 in Grafton.

5. Nellie C Weatherstone, b. 1923 in Grafton.

4. William J Weatherstone, b. 1885 in Grafton, d. 10-05-1918 in Grafton.  Died after falling of Wharf.

4. Samuel John Weatherstone, b. 1887 in Grafton.9th Battalion

4. Jack Weatherstone, b. 1887 in Grafton, d. 1888 in Grafton.

4. Charles Francis Jack “Charlie” Weatherstone, b. 1890 in Grafton,  – served in WW1 in 25th Battalion and transferred to the 9th Battalion – suffered multiple gun shot wounds when going to the aid of a fellow soldier, and died at 7th Clearing Station in France – buried in Merville Communal Cemetery France – photo  – South West of Bapaume & North of Paris – Gravestone at Grafton Cemetery  – Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour – did not die in Queensland in 1922

4. Patrick Hampton Weatherstone, b. 1893 in Grafton, d. 02-05-1954 in South Grafton. He married Alice May Austen, married 1922 in Grafton.

5. William John Weathersone b. 1923 Grafton – d. 1989 Grafton – married in 1938 in Gunnedah to  Norma Dorothy Lancaster b. 1923 – d. 2010 – Hammondville)

6. Son Weatherstone

6. Son Weatherstone

4. Mary Josephine Weatherstone, b. 1895 in Grafton. She married Stephen Byron Scoope, married 1921 in Grafton.

4. Veronica A Weatherstone, b. 1899 in Grafton. She married Harold L Speering, married 1925 in Musellbrook.

3. Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone, b. 1850 in Grafton, Clarence River Region, d. 20-01-1941 in Grey St, Glen Innes, buried 21-01-1941 in CofE Cem, Glen Innes, occupation Carrier.  Death Cert has Arthur J still living and 1 male deceased?! Informant : M Burrows, Daughter-in-law, 87 Bourke St, Glen Innes. Gives 1875/73 as marriage date to William but no record found (defacto?). She married (1) Charles Adams, married in 1867 in CofE, Grafton, b. 1841 in USA, occupation Taxi Cab Prop/Carrier.  Her Partner William Burrows, b. c1844 in Twofold Bay/Bombala, occupation Farmer/Carrier.

4. Letitia J Adams, (daughter of Charles Adams and Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone) b. 1867 in Grafton, d. 1891 in Grafton. She married (2) William Thomas Tomlinson, married 1888 in Grafton.

5. Arthur James Adams, (son of Letitia J Adams) b. 29-09-1886 in Grafton, d. 24-07-1962 in Tamworth. He married Janet Hughina Priscilla Fuller, married 1915 in Grafton.

6. Edmund Arthur Adams, b. 1916 in Bellingen. He married Beryl Bailey, d. in Melbourne, VIC.

6.  Jessie Letita Adams, b. 15-03-1917 in Bellingen, d. 14-10-2002 in Kyneton, VIC. She married Frank Horace Roberts, married 1948 in Grafton, b. 27-11-1917 in Broken Hill, d. 28-07-2001 in Ringwood, VIC.

5. Emmaline Matilda Adams, (daughter of Letitia J Adams) b. 1886 in Grafton. She married William Clarence Chant, married 1906 in Grafton, b. 1879 in Grafton, d. 26-09-1961 in Late of Concord.

6. William Frederick Clarence Chant, b. 1904 in Grafton, d. 1958 in Newtown. He married Katherine Irene Mary Croft, b. 1905 in Burwood.

6. Arthur Lewis Linton Chant, b. 1907 in Lithgow, d. 6-05-1990 in Late of Umina. He married Doris Ryan, married 1929 in Boorowa, b. 1906 in New Zealand, d. 18-01-1990 in Umina.

6. Emmaline Letitia Chant, b. 1910 in Wallerawang, d. 12-02-1977 in Late of Concord. She married Donald H Whiteside, married 1935 in Boorowa, b. 1915.

6. Irene Mary Chant, b. 1920, d. 27-12-1991 in The Entrance, formerly of Bathurst. She married Stuart Clyde Cooke, married 1945 in Burwood, b. 1921, d. 7-10-1994.

5. William Andrew Tomlinson, (son of William Thomas Tomlinson and Letitia J Adams) b. 1889 in Grafton. He married Janet Rubina Gunn, married 1943 in Sydney.

5. Alfred C Tomlinson, (son of William Thomas Tomlinson and Letitia J Adams) b. 1891 in Grafton. He married Emily D A Lawrence, married 1912 in Grafton.

6. Alfred Clarence Tomlinson, b. 1912 in Grafton.  He married Rose Margaret Luke, married 1939, b. in Grafton.

6. Vera May Tomlinson, b. 1915 in Grafton. She married Thomas James Hill, married 1937.

4.  Arthur James Adams b. 1868 Grafton d. 15-07-1953 Goondiwindi Hospital m. Matilda Waters m. 01-04-1893 Collarenerbri b. ??-??-1873 Eurie Eurie, Walgett  Living at Collarenerbri when married d 1924 Goondiwindi a week after breaking back in accident where bolting horse caused her sulky to overturn – daughter Letitia (Tess) injured in same accident & in hospital for many months. Refer also – Waters Page

5. Mary Ethel May Adams b. 09-02-1894 Collarenerbri d. ??-??-1980 Brisbane after being burned in house fire – never married – recalled from Tweed Heads to Boggabilla by her father in 1924 following death of her mother Matilda to help raise her younger siblings & several of their children

6. Mabel Ray “Topsy” Adams b. ??-08-1918 Boomi d. ??-??-1996 m. Vivien Barry d.

7. Janet Barry
7.  Peter Barry – d.
7.  Michael Barry died in 1955 in early childhood

6. Cyril Ross Adams (son of Cyril Bernard Barden – refer Barden & McCosker pages) – b. 2-11-1923 Tweed Heads d. 17-2-1990 Bulli m. Joan Lois Callcott m. 19-12-1953 St Augustines Anglican Bulli b. 16-10-1932 Hornsby – d. 05-11-2012 Wollongong

7. Kerrie Anne Adams – married David John Christian (son of John Godfrey Tierneay known as Christian)

8. Daughter

7. Daughter – married

8. Daughter

8. Son

7. Son – married

8. Daughter

5. Lillian “Lily” Florence Adams b. ??-??-1895 Collarenerbri  d  1916 in Queensland childbirth  m. Francis Samuel Kellett m. 1915 Boomi – note Francis Kellett remarried in 1922 and had one son before his death in 1972 – buried at Warialda General Cemetery.

6. Emily M M Adams (b 1913 ?) m. Thomas H Townsend m. 1929 Warialda

7. Norma Townsend m. William Reynoldson

8. Son

7. Neville Townsend

7. Michael Townsend

6. Francis Sydney Kellett b. 1916 married – d 1967 buried at Mitchell Cemetery –  m Sylvia Maude Curtis b 1914 d 1987 – buried at Mitchell Cemetery

7. Vivian Keith Kellett (never married ?)

5. Leslie Charles Adams b. ??-??-1897 Collarenabri d. 16-07-1979 Goondiwindi m. Vera Matilda Bell m. ??-??-1928 Barraba b. 28-11-1908 Yetman

6. Valma Adams b. 1929 Goondiwindi m. Bernie O’Brien

6. Clarence “Clarrie”  Adams b. 01-03-1931 Goondiwindi m. Gloria Jane “Billie” McGregor m. 28-06-1952

6. Betty Joy Adams b. 24-04-1933 Goondiwindi m. David Brooks m. 05-05-1951 Stanthorpe b. 25-03-1928 Stanthorpe d. 25-05-1988 Surat

6. Beryl Adams b. 1935 Goondiwindi m. John Nosworthy m. Tamworth / m. Ivan Gunn m. Goondiwindi / m. Darryl Reid m. St George

6.  Marion Adams b. 1937 Goondiwindi d

6. Jocelyn Adams b. 21-03-1941 Goondiwindi

5. Ivy Elizabeth Adams (birth certificate has Elizabeth Ivy) b. 03-03-1901 Sandy Flat/Tenterfield d. 25-07-1996 Wollongong m. Edward H Richardson m. 1925? Casino

6. Laurence Richardson m. Gloria

6. Edward Richardson (died in childhood)

6. Maxwell Richardson m. Ilene

6. Joyce Richardson

6. William Richardson m. Thelma

6. Douglas Richardson m. Merle

6. Ronald Richardson m. Denise

5. Arthur James “Dick” Adams b. ??-??-1904 Moree m. Venetta “Vene” M A Choice m. ??-??-1933 Boomi d

6. Athol Adams b. 06-03-1934 Goondiwindi d.

6. Glen Adams b. 23-02-1938 Goondiwindi

6.  Barry Adams b. 23-02-1938 Goondiwindi

6. Lenore Adams b. 03-03-1945 Goondiwindi

5. Letitia (Tess) Maud Adams b. ??-??-1906 Moree d m. George H Fleming m. ??-??-1935 Boomi

6. Brenda Fleming

6. Gordon Fleming

6. George Fleming

6. Kevin Fleming

5.  Dorothy Jean Adams b. ??-??-1908 Emmaville d 2002 m. James Green b 1909 d 1982 m. ??-??-1930 Glen Innes- James was the son of  Oliver Charles Green and his wife Georgina Wilson

5.  Mabel Isobel “Mid” Adams b. ??-??-1910 Moree d 1968 m. John Bertram “Bert” Tuckerman m. ??-??-1927 Casino

6. Ilma Tuckerman

6. Alwyn “Wack” Tuckerman

6. Bertram Alan “Bert”  Tuckerman

6. Shirley Tuckerman

6. Norma Tuckerman

5. Frederick J aka “E  (Ted)” Adams b. ??-??-1913 Moree d. – never married

5.  William Charles “Gidgee” Adams b. 1914 d. m. Alice Joyce Suhr m. ??-??-1941 Moree d.

6. Alys Rae Adams

6. Douglas Adams

6. Stephen Adams

4. Unnamed Male Adams b. 1869 Grafton

4. Charles William Adams b. 23-07-1873 Wharf St, South Grafton d. 1936 in QLD rec 1936/C2632.  He married Amelia Nettle, married 1874 in QLD rec 1874/C31.  Amelia: aka Amelia Mill on first 2 children’s birth recs.

5. Alice Amelia Florence Adams, b. 1875 in QLD, d. 1875 in QLD

5. Alfred William Charles Adams, b. 1875 in QLD, d. 1876 in QLD

5. Amelia Mary Adams, b. 1876 in QLD

5. Charles William Nettle Adams, b. 1877 in QLD, d. 1878 in QLD

5. Emily Louisa Victoria Adams, b. 1878 in QLD

5. Albert Frederick Ernest, b. 1879 in QLD

5. Mabel Ann Adams, b. 1880 in QLD, d. 1882 in QLD

5. Arthur Heber Adams, b. 1882 in QLD, d. 1937 in QLD

5. Charles Alfred Adams, b. 1884 in QLD, d. 1885 in QLD

5. Jane Emma Adams, b. 1885 in QLD

5. Bertha Cecilia Adams, b. 1887 in QLD

5. Percy Charles Adams, b. 1890 in QLD

4. Alfred Clarence Adams b. 09-04-1877 Orara, Dist of Grafton – however he is not an Adams but is actually Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone & Williams Burrows son. Refer – additional Trove articles – 1  and Trove articles – 2

4.  Alice Ann Burrows, (daughter of William Burrows and Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone) b. 07-07-1883 in Ryan St, Sth Grafton.   She married John McLeod, married 1903 in Inverell.

5.John W K Macleod, b. 1904 in Inverell.

5. Kenneth J Macleod, b. 1907 in Murwillumbah.  Maybe??

4. James Richard Burrows, (son of William Burrows and Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone) b. 11-05-1886 in Ryan St, Sth Grafton.

4. Ivy Elizabeth Burrows, (daughter of William Burrows and Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone) b. 05-10-1891 in Ryan St, Sth Grafton, d. 1894 in Moree.

4. Emily E Burrows, (daughter of William Burrows and Anne (Nancy) Weatherstone) b. 01-01-1894 in Moree, d. 1894 in Moree.

3.  Mary Weatherstone, b. 04-11-1852 in ClarenceRiver, d. 02-04-1878 in Grafton.  Died of Typhoid Fever.  Dispute with motherShe married Donald MacLennan, married in 1875 in Grafton. From a 2005 Clan McLennan newsletter “Donald McLennan, born 1838 at Sandy Creek. m.1. 15.12.1859. (registered at Grafton – 1710/1860) at South Grafton to Ann McPherson, m.2. 1875. (registered at Grafton – 2649/1875) to Mary Weatherstone. He died in 1891 at Mudall Station of which he was manager (registered at Nyngan – 11385/1891)” – see also Reed Family History – 1, 2. Mary would appear to be Donald’s second wife – his first wife Anne McPherson died in February  1875.

4. Florence McLennan

John McLennan

Margaret McLennan

4. Jessie McLennan  d. 1871

4. Alexander McLennan+ b. 1860 – d. 1881

4. Duncan McLennan+ b. 1862, d. 1937

4. Mary Ann McLennan b 1863 ?

4. Donald Cameron McLennan b. 1864 d. 1948

4. Sarah Cameron McLennan b. 1866

4. Mary Ann McLennan b. 1867, d. 1915

4. Jane McLennan b. 1869, d. 1944

4. Peter John McLennan b. 1871, d. 1872

4. Christina McLennan b. 1875

4. William McLennan, d. 1907 – a son of Mary Weatherstone ?

3.  John Weatherstone, b. 14-04-1854 in Richmond River, d. 18-07-1887 in Grafton.  Run over by a dray at Cangi. He married Emily Smart, married 18-01-1883 in St Matthews, Sth Grafton.  Emily: Marriage notice: “eldest daughter of the late Frederick Smart and Mrs. Burns, of Winterbourne, Clarence River. Wife Emily married brother Samuel.

4. Estella Emma Weatherstone, b. 29-03-1884 in Grafton, d. 10-01-1907 in Grafton

4. Samuel Frederick Weatherstone, b. 17-09-1885 in Grafton. He married Sarah Ann Conroy, married 1910 in Grafton, b. 4-02-1882 in Grafton, d. 28-08-1948 in Grafton

5. John Bede Weatherstone, b. 1912 in Grafton

5. Roy G C Weatherstone, b. 1922

4. Emily John B Weatherstone, b. 04-09-1887 in Grafton, d. 1950 in Grafton. She married James Joseph Lynch, married 1909 in Grafton, b. 1886 in Grafton, d. 1966 in Grafton.

5. Mary Elizabeth Lynch, b. 1910 in Grafton

5. John Samuel Lynch, b. 1917 in Grafton, d. 28-05-1988 in Villawood. He married Esme Grace Inman, married 1940 in Grafton, b. 1920 in Grafton, d. 17-10-2002 in Lakemba

5. Kathleen May Lynch, b. 1920 in Grafton, d. 1938 in Grafton

3. unnamed Female Weatherstone, b. 30-05-1857 in Chambigne, ~14 miles from Sth Grafton*.   on Newton Boyd Rd

3. Sarah Weatherstone, b. 30-05-1857 in Chambigne, Grafton, d. 30-09-1924, buried 01-10-1924 in CofE Cem, Grafton.  Died of Chronic Nephritis. Partner Unknown. She married (2) Benjamin Carroll, married 10-05-1876 in Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton, b. 1843 in Parramatta, buried 24-05-1929 in CofE Cem, Grafton, occupation Carrier

4. Robert James Carroll, (son of Unknown – possibly James Reid ? and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 27-12-1874 in South Grafton.  May have married Ethel M Kanney 1908 at Petersham and had Lucy G Carroll b1908.

4. Mary Violet Carroll, (daughter of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 09-02-1877 in ‘Glenreagh’, Sth Grafton. She married William James Long, married 23-04-1896 in Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton, occupation Painter/Plumber.

5. Laura Letitia Long, b. 22-06-1896 in ‘Glenreagh’, Grafton, d. 17-04-1983 in Woy Woy Hospital, buried in Point Clare RC Cemetery. She married James Arthur McMahon, married 30-11-1918 in RC Inverell

6. Mona Eileen McMahon, b. 11-01-1920 in Narrabri, d. 25-06-1996 in Inverell, buried in Point Clare RC Cemetery.  Died of Cancer. She married (1) Herbert Griffis, married in Liverpool / (2) Christopher Baker, married in Umina / (3) Keith Joseph Marchant, married 1940 in Liverpool

6. Aubrey James McMahon, b. 24-03-1922 in Ryde, d. 09-11-1990 in Wodonga, buried in Albury, occupation TV Technician.  Died of Asbestosis.  He married Shirley Alice Salan, married 09-01-1965 in St Andrews, Wagga Wagga, occupation DC trained Nurse.

6.  Daphne Noeline McMahon, b. 13-12-1923 in RydeHospital. She married Arnold Vearing

6. Laura June McMahon, b. 25-06-1930 in Fairfield. She married Frederick Elms, married 05-08-1950 in All Saints, Cabramatta.

6. Mary Elizabeth McMahon, b. 17-03-1934 in Paddington.  aka Betty. She married Ronald Kemister, married 27-02-1954 in All Saints, Liverpool.

6.   Vera Joan McMahon, b. 13-08-1937 in Paddington Hospital. She married Kenneth Francis Farrell, married 04-05-1963 in St Pauls RC, Camden.

5. Jessie May Long, b. 1898. She married Joseph E Court, married 1921 in Burwood

6. Marjorie Court.

6. June Court

6. Andrew Court.

6. John Court.  aka Jack

4. Agnes Eliza Carroll, (daughter of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 06-1-1878 in Urara River, d. 14-11-1913 in Cnr Dobie & Alice St, Grafton, buried 15-11-1913 in CofE Cem, Grafton.  Died of eclampsia child birth. She married John Long, married 15-09-1896 in Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton, b. 1865 in Grafton, occupation Carter.  John: aka Jack.

5. Ann B Long, b. 1897.  aka Annie. She married Leonard Porter, married 1916 in Grafton.

6. Nancy Anne Porter. She married Gordon Alfred Metcalfe, married 1940 in Burwood.

5. Sarah L Long, b. 1899. She married Sidney R Renn, married 1923 in Junee.

6. Magaret Renn

6. Judith Renn

6. John Renn

6. Russell Renn

5. Agnes Queenie Long, b. 1902. She married Frederick A Anderson, married 1930 in Sydney

5. John R J Long, b. 1904, d. 1907

5. Treville J Long, b. 1906, d. 1907.

5. Thomas B Long, b. 1907.

5. Melinda M Long, b. 1911. She married Walter D O’Connell, married 1931 in Coff’s Harbour.

5. Brooklyn Long, b. 14-11-1913, d. 14-11-1914 in Grafton.

6. Sarah Carroll, (daughter of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1879. She married Thomas Gilmore, married 1898 in Halfway Creek, Grafton.

5. Marjorie Gilmore, b. 1898. She married Stanley Burke, married 1938 in Grafton.

5. Mark Gilmore, b. 1900.

5. Vincent Gilmore, b. 1904. He married Ruby M Brown, married 1924 in Uralla.

5. Clifton Gilmore, b. 1905. He married Enid Ford, married 1927 in Grafton.

5. Cecil Gilmore, b. 1907. He married Gladys M Ryan, married 1927 in Grafton.

5. Valley Gilmore, b. 1909. He married Dorothy Mae Colvin, married 1938 in Paddington.

5. Clara Gilmore, b. 1910.

5. Virginia Gilmore, b. 1912

5. Mary Gilmore, b. 1914.

5. Lyle Gilmore, b. 1917. He married Olive Mavis Crossley, married 1943 in Grafton.

4. Benjamin Carroll, (son of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1882. He married Margaret A Maher, married 1906 in Lismore

5. Alice E Carroll, b. 1906.

5. Celma Carroll, b. 1909

5. Gordon R Carroll, b. 1910. He married Margaret M Hickey, married 1932 in Lismore

5. Virginia Carroll, b. 1912

5. Edna G Carroll, b. 1914. She married Hugh P Surawski, married 1933 in Lismore

5. John J Carroll, b. 1917.

4. Samuel Carroll, (son of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1883. He married Elizabeth E Mills, married 1904 in Casino

5. Ivy A Carroll, b. 1905.

5. Florence S Carroll, b. 1906

5. Sylvester Carroll, b. 1909

5. Pearline M Carroll, b. 1910

5. William T Carroll, b. 1912

5. Jackie S Carroll, b. 1914

5. Doris Carroll, b. 1916

4. Letitia Dorothy Carroll, (daughter of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1885, d. 10-08-1912.  Died of Tuberculosis. She married William H Bodley, married 1902

5. William H Bodley, b. 1903

4. William T Carroll, (son of Benjamin Carroll and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1887.  He married Janie Barber, married 1907 in Grafton.

5.Phyllis V Carroll, b. 1908

3. Samuel George Weatherstone, b. 16-04-1863 in Sth Grafton, d. 24-06-1951, occupation Farmer.  He married Emily Smart, married 28-01-1889 in Grafton.  Emily: Marriage notice: “eldest daughter of the late Frederick Smart and Mrs. Burns, of Winterbourne, Clarence River. Archie & Clarry were executors of Samuel’s  will. Injury – Child 

4. Mary Weatherstone, b. 25-09-1889 in Grafton. She married Andrew Watters, married 1912 in Grafton

4. George Weatherstone, b. 11-12-1892 in Grafton, d. 02-06-1917 in WW1 in Front Line Trench at Messines – refer WWI record – more  – 1st Reinforcements of  41st Battalion B Company 8th Platoon -buried at Australian Military Cemetery in Ploegsteert Wood – photograph of gravestone – AWM Roll of Honour ADFA Project

4.  Maud Weatherstone, b. 10-11-1893 in Grafton. She married Donald H Perring, married 1916 in Grafton. – see Perring page – 1,

5. Estella Mary Perring . b. 1918 in Grafton – married Percival William Schuhmmacher, 1940 in Grafton – their children from the Perring pages

6. Ian Schuhmmacher.

6. Patricia Schuhmmacher married ? Welch

7. Vicky Welch.

7. Lynette Welch.

7. Janelle Welch.

6. Ian Schuhmmacher had the following children.

6. Brett Schuhmmacher.

5. Leslie Perring  married and had the following children as shown in the Perring pages

6. Jill Perring.

6. Gail Perring . married a Skinner & had the following children according to the Perring Pages

7. Ben Skinner.

7. Silvia Skinner.

6. Kay Perring  married a Bushbridge & had the following children according to Perring pages.

7. Heath Bushbridge.

7. Brian Bushbridge.

6. Chris Perring   had the following children according to Perring pages

7. Michael Perring (ii)(a).

7. Craig Perring (ii)(a).

4. Clarry Weatherstone, b. 18-03-1896 in Grafton, d. 1872 in South Grafton. He married Bertha May Amos, married 1920 in Grafton.

5. Clarry Allan Weatherstone. He married Margaret Gawler, married 1942 in Grafton.

5. James Ivan Weatherstone, b. 31-01-1925 in South Grafton, d. 19-06-2006 in Grafton. He married Beryl Joyce Everson, married 1952 in Grafton

4. Archie Weatherstone, b. 04-09-1898 in Grafton, d. 1969 in Grafton.  Moved from the Bawden Ridge area in 1928 and lived for a while at Coutts Crossing before purchasing a farm at McPhersons Crossing. He married Henrietta Susan Cowley, married 1921 in Grafton, b. 1899 in Grafton, d. 15-09-1958 in Grafton.

5. Ronald George Weatherstone, d. 1945 in Grafton.

5. Ruby M Weatherstone, d. 1934 in Grafton.

5. George Henry Weatherstone, b. 9-09-1920 in South Grafton, d. 3-11-1981 in Grafton.

4. Alfred Weatherstone, b. 11-03-1901 in Grafton, d. 2-05-1989 in NSW. He married Annie M Cowley, married 1929 in Grafton, b. 1903 in Grafton.

4. Percival Weatherstone, b. 08-04-1904 in Grafton, d. 10-01-1958 in Grafton. He married Phyllis R Kelly, married 1933 in Grafton.

4. Irene Weatherstone, b. 18-05-1906 in Grafton, d. 14-12-1970 in Grafton. She married Eric S McLennan, married 1930 in Grafton.

4. Theresa Weatherstone, b. 04-07-1908 in Grafton, d. 30-05-1983 in Grafton. She married Ronald C Austen, married 1932 in Grafton.

5. Clive J Austen b 3.12.1932 in Grafton – d 9.1.1934 Grafton

5. Beverly T Austen b 17.12.1940 in Grafton – d 7.7.1941 in Grafton

5. John T Austen b 6.9.1945 in Grafton d 2.1.1955 in Grafton

3. Unnamed Weatherstome, b. 1864 in Grafton.

2. Sarah Weatherstone, b. 01-07-1821 in Stepney, London.  1834 Trial For Larceny – Aquitted. 1838 Central Criminal Court – Trial For Laceny By Servant – Sentenced 7 or 10 Years, Transportation – arrived on “The Planter”. 1849 Certificate of Freedom. She married (1) William Thompson, married 1841 in St Johns, Parramatta, d. 1842. She married (2) Henry Laing, married 01-01-1845 in St Lukes, Liverpool, NSW, b. 04-10-1797 in Endinburgh, Scotland, d. 11-09-1875 in Liverpool, NSW.

3.  Henry Thompson, (son of William Thompson and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1842.

3. John Laing, (son of Henry Laing and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 13-07-1845 in Liverpool, NSW, d. 1895 in Liverpool, NSW

3. Elizabeth Martha Laing, (daughter of Henry Laing and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 28-06-1848 in Liverpool, NSW, d. 1922 in Goulburn, NSW

3. Henry (Laing) Lang, (son of Henry Laing and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 05-02-1855 in Liverpool, NSW, d. 20-07-1933 in Lower Clarence Hospital, Maclean, NSW. He married Ellen Sarah Dickson, married 31-05-1880 in South Grafton, b. 10-05-1851 in Sydney, d. 16-06-1934 in Grafton.

3. Sarah Laing, (daughter of Henry Laing and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 1857 in Liverpool, NSW.

3. Samuel Laing, (son of Henry Laing and Sarah Weatherstone) b. 23-06-1860 in Liverpool, NSW, d. 1899 in Crookwell, NSW.

2. Thomas Onions Weatherstone, b. 01-03-1824 in Stepney, London.


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  1. letitia kemister says:

    Daughter of Ron and Mary(betty) Kemister here if you`d like to get in touch..nice to see some familiar names above. 🙂

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